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It is difficult to prepare for the most important exam in a student’s life, the Class 12th Exams. If a student has a strong study plan and the necessary materials, they can do well on the Class 12th Board Exam. You should begin your training as soon as feasible in order to fulfill the vast syllabus. In this article on Study Plan for Class 11th & 12th, we will give you a complete study plan on how to improve your marks by increasing and defining your ability.

Here is a thorough guide, as well as a year-long strategy plan, from the Top 11th and 12th science coaching classes in Aurangabad for Exams. We are convinced that after reading this essay in its entirety, you will be able to considerably improve your preparation for classes 11th and 12th. Get going right away: Students can begin their training as soon as feasible now that the new academic year has begun. The majority of pupils have a tendency to disregard their research. Students assume they have lots of time, so they start studying as soon as their examinations are approaching. After all, this is the appropriate approach to plan. Students must plan and prepare their projects properly.

Everyone should develop the habit of planning ahead of time and studying properly. There must be a clear pattern in place: When you’re getting ready to begin studying for the Class 11th and 12th exams, the first thing you should do is create a comprehensive study plan for the entire year. Set aside time for each subject and make an effort to complete it. Make a study routine that does not make you feel pressured. Because you must attend classes, don’t cram too many appointments into your schedule for classes 11 and 12. All subjects should be given equal time in the Regular Time Table. On weekends, give them more time to finish. The syllabus will be divided into discrete goal points because the class 12 portion is so large that you will not be able to accomplish it all in one sitting. Allow the same amount of time for each section in order to complete them all.

Make a consistent daily or weekly goal for yourself and stick to it. You can study a bit more in addition to your education if you have free time.

Make a goal for yourself: Make sure your study plan for the Class 11th and 12th Exams is thorough. Vidyalankar Coaching Classes in Aurangabad with the Top Faculty Team are delivering the best set target in mind for aspiring engineers and physicians.

Two Year Integrated Course

11th grade going to / 10th pass students







One Year Integrated Course


12th grade going to / 11th pass students

Repeater Batch

12th  pass students

Short Term Course

Crash Course

12th pass students

After HSC Exam

Test Series

12th  pass students

Test Series for H.S.C 

Test Series for NEET

Test Series for JEE(Main)

Test Series for MHT-CET

Correspondence Course

Study Material + 200 Test Series(NEET/JEE/MHT-CET) + More than 50,000 MCQs

Documents required  at the time of admission:

2 Passport Size Photograph|Xerox of S.S.C Mark sheet | First Installment (Fees)