Prof. Akash Solunke

(M.Sc.Chemistry, B.Ed.)

As I bring this Brochure to you today, I’m also reflecting on the years that have passed because I’ve worked with a wide range of students. One aspect, however, is popular among those who have achieved success: discipline. Discipline is a way of life, not just a quality. Many of you are probably aware that when we assign a score to each of the 26 alphabets, such as 1 to A, 2 to B, and so on, the word Discipline totals 100. Isn’t that a perfect score? In the same manner, if you are disciplined in your life, you will always come out on top!

Director's Speech

Director's Speech

Another factor that plays a significant role in being a winner is planning. Any job that isn’t well-planned is doomed to fail. A job that has been carefully planned is already half completed. As a result, prior to executing your study programme, give proper attention to planning your studies.
If you combine these two dimensions into your life, you will notice a difference in your overall performance. Many more similar recommendations can be found in our Success Planner to help you improve your performance even more, and we at Vidyalankar Coaching Classes in Aurangabad will always be there to help you succeed!
At  Best Coaching Classes in Aurangabad, we make it our mission to prepare students for life by developing in them an analytical mind, a positive attitude, and a spirit of goodness that is backed by academic excellence. “Educate to elevate, inspire to awaken,” we believe. We built and evolved the ideal environment for young minds by encouraging them to reach their goals.
“Teaching and training students is an excellent technique,” says the author, “but motivating and inspiring them is a high-technique.” It is one of our strong pillars. Finally, we’ll state that we should do our best to provide you with the finest so that you can be the greatest.

Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win