Rules and Regulations

Scholarship Rules

  1. Incomplete form will not be considered. It is compulsory to fill all the columns. Kindly attach all the required documents along with duly filled Enrollment Form.
  2. It is compulsory to provide Mobile No. & E-mail ID of the student / parent / guardian. The result of tests or any other information by the Institute will be sent to the student via SMS and / or E-mail. Institute shall not be responsible if any information regarding result or anything else is not reached to the student if he/she has not mentioned his/her or Parent’s/Guardian’s updated & correct Mobile No. / E-mail ID in ANTHE Form at the time of enrollment. It is advised to write Phone No. & E-mail ID of either father or mother for right communication between institute & student.
  3. During the Classroom/Hybrid Program at Vidyalankar, a student must meet the following requirements failing which his/her free-ship program will be revoked with immediate effect. The decision of Chairman & Managing Director, VCC shall be final and binding to the students and the parents.
    1. ATTENDANCE:The attendance of the student in the coaching class should not drop below 85% throughout the Classroom / Hybrid program. It is compulsory for a student under this program to write all his/her class test papers conducted by the institute in his/her batch.
    2. TEST MARKS: The students will be required to maintain a minimum of 65% marks in their regular assessment tests** (For Medical Aspirants & Class VIII / IX / X Students) and 60% marks in their regular assessment tests** (For Engineering Aspirants).
    3. Additionally, students other than free-ship program or 100% scholarship must also maintain a minimum of 85% attendance throughout their Classroom/Hybrid Program and a minimum of 40% marks in their Regular Assessment Tests on Fortnightly & Monthly basis to continue their scholarship award in Forthcoming Years of their 2/3/4 Year Program.
    4. Any act of indiscipline by the student brought to the notice of the administration of VCC in the classroom centre, will not be accepted. A warning will be issued to such students, offering them another chance to improve their behaviour. Despite warning, if the student does not alter his/her attitude and commits another act of indiscipline, his/her candidature for the free-ship program will be revoked with immediate effect and can be struck off from role.
    5. In case a student misbehaves / gets involved in negative activities like teasing, theft, indiscipline, use of abusive languages, he/she can be rusticated by the Centre Head and fee paid shall not be refunded in such cases.
    6. If a student keeps himself/herself absent from the classes without prior permission from the Centre Head, then a warning letter will be issued against him/her. Despite the warning letter, if the student continues to default further and does not change his/her attitude, then the free-ship program of such student will be revoked with immediate effect.
    7. If a student continues to remain absent for more than two weeks due to health issues or any other reason without prior permission from the Centre Head, his/her candidature for the free-ship program will be revoked.
  4. To be eligible for Cash Awards, it is mandatory for top 700 students out of which top 100 in Medical & Engineering each from Class X studying and top 50 in each Class XI & XII and each Stream Medical / Engineering to join our Long Term Digital / DLP Course & Top 300 students in Foundations moving to Class VIII, IX & X to join our Long Term Digital / DLP Course before 28th February, 2021 irrespective of whether they join our Classroom / Hybrid Course or not. Once the Long Term Digital / DLP Course Enrollment is done, it will not be cancelled in any case. The students will have to fill separate Enrollment Form for Long Term Digital / DLP Course. No fee will be charged for Long Term Digital / DLP Course. It will be 100% Free.
  5. In addition to maintaining a minimum percentage of marks as mentioned in clause 3(b), the student must maintain an AIR in Top 300 in every AIATS as part of Classroom/Hybrid Course or Long-Term Digital / DLP Course failing which will lead to discontinuation of the installment of Cash Awards.
  6. The scholarship criteria mentioned in Table-1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 & 11 given on Page No. 08, 10, 12 & 14 is meant for Regular Classroom / Hybrid Courses.
  7. ANTHE students can enroll in our regular weekdays / weekend batches.
  8. If any student fails in his/her school exam, the ANTHE facility will be withdrawn & the student will be disqualified from the program.
  9. Note: Course sessions at classroom location will be in continuation to the online teaching. The Classroom Learning @Vidyalankar will start as and when the Government allows the re-opening of the Coaching Institutes and in compliance with the Government directives. Until then, students can avail the benefits of Classroom Learning ONLINE.
  10. The cut-off score for scholarship eligibility shall be decided by the management at the time of declaration of Result.
  11. In case, any dispute or difference arises between student / parents and the Institute regarding the interpretation of these terms and conditions, non-payment of any claim or any dispute arising out of or in pursuant to these terms and conditions, the same shall be referred to sole arbitrator who shall be appointed by the Chairman & Managing Director of M/s Vi Educational Services Limited. The proceedings shall be conducted at Delhi under the provisions of Arbitration & Conciliation Act and the Courts at Delhi only shall have the jurisdiction over the matter and/or for enforcement as the case may be. If an arbitrator to whom the matter is referred refuses to act or for any reason, does not enter the reference or after entering into the reference proceedings are abandoned or kept in abeyance or not proceeded with, it shall be lawful for the Chairman & Managing Director of M/s Aakash Educational Services Limited to appoint another person to act as an arbitrator in the manner aforesaid. Such person shall be entitled to proceed with reference from the stage at which proceeding was left by his predecessor, if both the parties consent to this effect, failing which the new arbitrator will be entitled to proceed de novo.
  12. If any student Score less than 70 % Percentile. He/she will not eligible for the benefits mentioned in ANTHE rank Table-I. Instead, he/she will be eligible for Scholarship basis the score obtained by the student in the ANTHE Score Table-II